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March 28, 2023

Dr King will present on the topic of bias and fairness in AI at the fourth annual NAAMII AI School in Nepal in May 2023


March 28, 2023

Dr King and Dr Puyol Antón are on the organising committee of the second international workshop on Fairness of AI in Medical Imaging (FAIMI). The event is purely online and free to all and will take place in November 2023. There will also be an associated in-person workshop at MICCAI 2023 in October.


Sept 15, 2022

Read about the recently concluded EPSRC-funded SmartHeart programme grant, and how it has changed the way we can assess the heart using MR imaging and AI.


Apr 13, 2022

Dr King appears on the RadioNuclear podcast to discuss the issue of fairness in AI.


Apr 13, 2022

In this press release, Dr King and Dr Puyol Antón discuss their finding that AI models can exhibit bias against minority races.

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