Artificial Intelligence for Medical Image Analysis

About us

The Motion Modelling and Analysis Group (MMAG) is an academic research group based within the School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences of King's College London. The group is based at St. Thomas' Hospital in central London. The MMAG includes researchers from a diverse range of backgrounds and is proud to foster an inclusive research environment to allow all to thrive and reach their potential.

The MMAG has worked in the past on the imaging, modelling and estimation of repetitive motion. Currently, the group works more widely on the use of artificial intelligence (specifically machine and deep learning) for the analysis of imaging data with the aim of extracting clinically useful information. Cardiology is one of the main application areas but the group is also involved in developing machine learning solutions for other clinical application areas, such as radiotherapy and vocal tract imaging. The aim is to develop novel but clinically-driven machine learning solutions and translate them into equitable patient benefit.

Latest news

17 February 2024: PhD position available on Fairness in Brain MR Image Analysis. This 4-year scholarship is available through the King's College London DRIVE-Health CDT. See the DRIVE-Health web site for project details (Project #88) and entry requirements/how to apply. Application deadline: Sunday 10th March at 23:59 GMT.

2 January 2024: New blog post on the future for Fair AI by Andrew King.

2 December 2023: New journal paper and speech MRI dataset released by Matthieu Ruthven:

3 October 2023: New journal paper by Ines Machado now available:

2 October 2023: New Arxiv papers available for three papers to be presented at the MICCAI Workshop on Fairness of AI in Medical Imaging (FAIMI):

7 August 2023: New section on this web site on Talks given by group members!

21 July 2023: New journal paper by Jorge Mariscal-Harana now available online:

3 July 2023: New journal paper by Nhat Phung now available online:

6 June 2023: New journal paper by Tareen Dawood now available online:

4 May 2023: New conference paper by Shaheim Ogbomo-Harmitt now available online:

6 February 2023: New conference paper by Tareen Dawood accepted at ISBI 2023:

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