Artificial Intelligence for Medical Image Analysis


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Andrew King, "Introduction to Bias and Fairness in AI", Fairness of AI in Medical Imaging (FAIMI) Symposium, 2022

Esther Puyol-Antón, "Fairness in Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging", Fairness of AI in Medical Imaging (FAIMI) Symposium, 2022.

Ines Machado, "Quality-aware Cine Cardiac MRI Reconstruction and Analysis from Undersampled k-space Data", MICCAI STACOM, 2022.

Jorge Mariscal-Harana, "Improved AI-based Segmentation of Apical and Basal Slices From Clinical Cine CMR", MICCAI STACOM, 2022.

Tareen Dawood, "Uncertainty-Aware Training for Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy Response Prediction", MICCAI STACOM, 2022.

Devran Ugurlu, "The Impact of Domain Shift on Left and Right Ventricle Segmentation in Short Axis Cardiac MR Images", MICCAI STACOM, 2022.


Bram Ruijsink, "Quality-aware Semi-supervised Learning for CMR Segmentation", MICCAI STACOM, 2020.

Nick Byrne, "A Persistent Homology-based Topological Loss Function for Multi-class CNN Segmentation of Cardiac MRI", MICCAI STACOM, 2020.